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Personalized Learning PL - February 16, 2018: CC4

Classroom Culture

How can we ensure that students believe they belong in the learning community and actively contribute to nurturing a sense of belonging among their peers?

  • Group Role Activity
  • Guiding Questions for discussion
    • How can we build a sense of belonging and shared purpose in our classrooms?
    • How can we justify a shift in our thinking from focusing on student understanding to focusing on understanding our students? 
    • How does the hierarchy of need apply to students in the classroom? What implications does this have for how we develop our learning communities? 
  • Explore the resources below to fuel your conversation
  • Use the collaboration tool at the right to share your thoughts
D1 - Learning Environment 1: Respectful environment
D1 - Learning Environment 2: Student engagement
D1 - Learning Environment 4: Behavior management
D1 - Learning Environment 5: Routines & transitions
D2 - Planning 7: 21st C Learning
D3 - Responsive Teaching 5: Inde/inter-dependence
D4 - Assessment Literacy 2: Perf. Assessment
D4 - Assessment Literacy 5: Data-informed decisions
D4 - Assessment Literacy 6: Instr. & interventions
D4 - Assessment Literacy 7: Communication of prog.
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Collaboration Tool: Dotstorming

Dotstorming is a neat tool that combines a bit of Padlet with a polling tool. On Dotstorming you can create a space for people to post digital sticky notes. Those notes can contain text and or images. That part of Dotstorming is just like Padlet. What makes Dotstorming different is that once the notes are posted, you can have people vote for their favorite notes. As the creator of a Dotstorming space you can restrict the number of votes that each person can cast. For example, you could say that each person gets two votes and once those votes are cast they're prevented from casting any more votes. After the voting is completed, you can sort the notes according to the number of votes they received. See Dotstorming in action in this video.

"15 Good Tools for Quickly Gathering Feedback from Students." Free Tech Tools for Teachers, Richard Byrne, 15 Dec. 2015,


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