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Personalized Learning PL - February 16, 2018: CC3

Classroom Culture

How can we ensure that students always believe they can grow their knowledge and skills and realize success through effort (growth mindset)?

  • Group Role Activity
  • Guiding Questions for discussion
    • Should we stop telling kids they’re smart?
    • How can we built grit and resilience in students? How do we help students overcome inner obstacles? 
    • How can we help students to embrace risk-taking? 
    • How can thoughtful, honest reflection about the process of learning help to facilitate a growth mindset? 
  • Explore the resources below to fuel your conversation
  • Use the collaboration tool at the right to share your thoughts

D1 - Learning Environment 2: Student engagement
D1 - Learning Environment 3: Social skills
D1 - Learning Environment 4: Behavior management
D2 - Planning 2: Coherent design
D2 - Planning 3: Assessment strategies
D2 - Planning 6: Integration of disciplines
D3 - Responsive Teaching 1: Obj. & expectations
D3 - Responsive Teaching 4: Questioning
D3 - Responsive Teaching 7: Differentiation
D3 - Responsive Teaching 8: Feedback
D4 - Assessment Literacy 2: Perf. Assessment
D4 - Assessment Literacy 5: Data-informed decisions
D4 - Assessment Literacy 6: Instr. & interventions
D4 - Assessment Literacy 7: Communication of prog.
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Collaboration Tool: GoSoapBox

Code to access: 923-622-119

GoSoapBox allows you to have your audience respond to questions through their laptops, tablets, and phones. Polls and Discussion in GoSoapBox are the meat and potatoes of the service. The Polls tool allows you to survey your audience by having them select an answer choice in response to a question. The Discussions tool allows you to have audience members reply to open-ended questions. One of the simplest yet effective survey options in GoSoapBox is a tools called a Confusion Meter. The Confusion Meter allows members of your audience to simply say, "yes, I get it" or "no, I don't get it." The Confusion Meter, like all of the GoSoapBox survey tools, can accept anonymous feedback. You can use the Social Q&A tool in GoSoapBox to have students submit their questions to you. Students can see each other's question submissions and vote them up if they want to.

"15 Good Tools for Quickly Gathering Feedback from Students." Free Tech Tools for Teachers, Richard Byrne, 15 Dec. 2015,

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