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Personalized Learning PL - February 16, 2018: SA3

Student Agency

How can we encourage students to advocate for their own needs, interests, and aspirations, as well as the interests of their classroom community?

  • Group Role Activity
  • Guiding Questions for discussion
    • In what ways can we allow for more curiosity, questioning, risk-taking and reflection in our classrooms, as we give students opportunities to self-advocate and drive their own learning?  
    • What role does voice and agency play in the development of  lifelong learners? 
    • How does the learner-centered classroom lead to increased self-advocacy and student leadership? 
    • Why are student-teacher and community relationships at the heart of personalized learning?  
  • Explore the resources below to fuel your conversation
  • Use the collaboration tool at the right to share your thoughts
D1 - Learning Environment 1: Respectful environment
D1 - Learning Environment 2: Student engagement
D1 - Learning Environment 4: Behavior management
D1 - Learning Environment 5: Routines & transitions
D1 - Learning Environment 6: Physical environment
D2 - Planning 3: Assessment strategies
D2 - Planning 5: Literacy skills
D2 - Planning 6: Integration of disciplines
D2 - Planning 7: 21st C Learning
D3 - Responsive Teaching 2: Instructional practices
D3 - Responsive Teaching 4: Questioning
D3 - Responsive Teaching 5: Inde/inter-dependence
D3 - Responsive Teaching 6: Monitoring learning
D3 - Responsive Teaching 7: Differentiation
D3 - Responsive Teaching 8: Feedback
D3 - Responsive Teaching 9: Metacognition
D4 - Assessment Literacy 3: Self-assessment
D4 - Assessment Literacy 6: Instr. & interventions
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