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Personalized Learning PL - February 16, 2018: AD3

Assessment and Data

How can we drive student improvement through timely, frequent, and specific feedback from both teachers and peers?‚Äč

  • Group Role Activity
  • Guiding Questions for discussion
    • What are some of the ways in which we provide feedback to our students? 
    • How can we better align feedback to desired outcomes and make students aware of these connections? 
    • How can we encourage student participation in and ownership of the feedback process?
    • How can I give students opportunities to apply feedback to improve performance?
  • Explore the resources below to fuel your conversation
  • Use the collaboration tool at the right to share your thoughts

D2 - Planning 3: Assessment strategies,
D2 - Planning 4: Appropriate interventions
D3 - Responsive Teaching 5: Inde/interdependence
D3 - Responsive Teaching 6: Monitoring learning
D3 - Responsive Teaching 7: Differentiation
D3 - Responsive Teaching 8: Feedback
D3 - Responsive Teaching 9: Metacognition
D4 - Assessment Literacy 1: Variety
D4 - Assessment Literacy 3: Self-assessment
D4 - Assessment Literacy 5: Data-informed decisions
D4 - Assessment Literacy 7: Communication of prog
D6 - Profession Knowledge 2: Professionalism
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