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Speech on a Controversial Issue: Daring to Drive

Finding resources

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There are a plethora of Websites that feature multimedia content. For example, most news outlets such as American Broadcasting Company (ABC), Associated Press (AP), Columbia Broadcasting Service (CBS), Cable News Network (CNN), FOX, MSNBC, National Broadcasting Company (NBC), Reuters, etc., produce video content on current events. But the sites below are reputable and specialize in multimedia production. 

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Citing Sources

Jordan, Miriam. "More Minors, Families Apprehended at Border; After Declining in 2015, More Unaccompanied Minors and Families from Central America were Stopped as they Entered the U.S." Wall Street Journal, 18 Apr. 2016. ProQuest,

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Daring to Drive

Daring to Drive

A ferociously intimate memoir by a devout woman from a modest family in Saudi Arabia who became the unexpected leader of a courageous movement to support women's right to drive.