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MLA 8 Help Page: test

Need help with MLA 8? This comprehensive guide provides answers to many common questions.


A book from which only a chapter is referenced (e.g., Collapse: Why Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed)
Diamond, Jared. “Norse Greenland’s End.” Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed.” Viking, 2005, pp. 211-247.
A newspaper or magazine from which an article was referenced (e.g., New York Times) Noonan, Peggy. "Democracy Is Not Your Plaything." Wall Street Journal, 18 May 2017,
A database from which a resource was retrieved (e.g., JSTOR) There are two containers here. Thapar, Romila. “Ashoka — A Retrospective.” Economic and Political Weekly, vol. 44, no. 45, 2009, pp. 31–37. JSTOR,
A video streaming portal containing a referenced video (e.g. YouTube) “Uganda Fights Back Against Child Malnutrition.” United Nations Children's Fund, 23 Sept. 2014. YouTube,
A television or radio broadcasting organization from which a specific episode of a program is referenced (e.g., National Public Radio) Allen, Greg. "Miami's Zika Outbreak Began Months Before It Was First Detected." National Public Radio, 24 May 2017,